A Brief Guide into Improving Google Click-Through Rate (CTR)

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Generic Search results are the lifeline of your website. While they help increase the chances of improving your rank on the Google SERP, they also help boost the Click-Through Rate (CTR). Therefore, if you are managing a website, taking the top spot in the search results and landing more visitors on your website would be an exciting proposition for you. That said, how are going to improve the Google Click-Through Rate for your websites? Well, here are some ideas to get you started.

The Science of Measuring Site Optimization?

Google uses a specific search engine algorithm to identify and mark sites that tick every box to be ranked first on the SERP. It is a mathematical formula, which dissects, ranks and displays every website and webpage on the Internet. The algorithm changes on regular basis as Google releases updates very frequently for the same. In that line, the company unveiled the most impressive iteration of its algorithm in April 2018. According to this, the only way that the content would now fit into Google’s requirements is if it features high-quality writing and utmost relativity. While creating such content, marketers, and brands must keep in mind that they need to write or produce content for the masses, who prefer the most interesting topics explained through the simplest language. On the other hand, businesses prefer getting better CTR and conversions.

Ways You can Improve Google Click-Through Rate (CTR)

To increase search visibility and provide great content to audiences, marketers can take inspiration from Rand Fishkin’s blog and Google’s Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide. Here are a few points to consider that will help you rank your website high and increase the CTR along with the purchase value.

Platform and Themes of the Websites

Google gives the highest priority to the design platforms of the websites. Here, you can always use WordPress to design your site from scratch. WordPress allows you to select a pre-designed theme that matches with the industry you are looking for and also provides a distinctive feel to your website. More than 25 percent of websites nowadays use WordPress.com as their design platform. That said, Google too prefers such sites because they are simple, yet they are laden with truly distinctive features. Furthermore, they are maintained and are able to host data in a variety of formats.

High Quality and Relevant Content

Whether you are an individual, blogger, website owner or even a small local business, great content is the lifeline of each one of you. Nowadays, only those websites make a mark for themselves, which curate content that is unique, interesting, and most importantly, relevant. Therefore, you must strive to rope in SME’s from a variety of industries and ask them to help curate relevant content on the topics that your website deals with or the products or services that your website sells. In the long run, content can help improve the Google Click-Through Rate (CTR).

Use of Direct and Indirect Ranking Factors

There are some direct and indirect ranking factors also which prove to be a great factor for Google SERP. While the direct factors are those which the Google’s Algorithm looks for, the indirect factors include the things directing traffic to your site. Direct Ranking factors include backlinks, page load time and Keyword density. The Indirect ranking factors include Facebook Shares, Pinterest Pins, Retweets as well as celebrity and influencers engagement. Increases traffic leads to the generation of high CTR.

SEO Friendly and Optimizable Content for CTR

SEOs play a vital role in optimizing the sites and ranking factors. Therefore, it becomes important that your content is SEO friendly too and has all the ingredients of an impactful piece of information. To do this, you will need to incorporate page titles, descriptions, user reviews, location, inventory, and Author descriptions as well. Furthermore, with content that has proper structure, it will be easier for Google to handle bots to categorize and optimize it for display on the SERP.

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