Tips to Keep Customers On Your eCommerce Website


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In today’s technology-driven, fast-paced world, the entire online shopping experience has become more comprehensive. Moreover, with the Internet becoming accessible to more number of people, it is no wonder that several eCommerce companies are establishing their businesses in India. Different brands are adding more value and features on their website to turn casual visitors into customers. Therefore, an e-commerce website that has no visitors is not a viable prospect. To put things in perspective, longer a customer stays on your website, more is the engagement he/she has with your website and products. Check out these tips to up your online game and get visitors to stay longer on your website.

Improve the Visual Appeal

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Businesses spend a significant amount of time and resources to build efficient websites, or so they think. Imagine the loss when they find out that visitors are only spending a few seconds on their page. Research shows that most customers need time to make a decision while shopping on eCommerce sites. Therefore, it is important for businesses to give their customers one or more reasons to stick around long enough. One way to achieve better customer engagement and retention is by using short, succinct write-ups and rich-media content such as videos and images. Improving the visual appeal of your website, eventually, helps you get more traffic to your website and makes visitors stay there. While adding video content also helps improve user engagement, adding too many links on the pages is a strict no.

Make Website Navigation Seamless

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To have better customer engagement on the website, eCommerce companies should work on making the entire navigation experience seamless. Subsequently, it is important that the customers land on relevant content pages. Often, visitors reach a particular eCommerce site after browsing through specific promotional content on social media platforms. Therefore, you must ensure that the backlink either takes them to the same content or redirects to a follow-up of the original content. Websites must avoid redirecting visitors to the homepage every time.

Design Lasting First Impressions

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According to top social media influencers, the presentation of any website plays is the deciding factor that influences the consumer either to invest more time on that website or give it a miss completely. Therefore, it is imperative for businesses to focus on engaging customers that have varied preferences. To do that, there should be a proper diversification of the products that are presented to the visitors. Likewise, an eCommerce website must allow exposure to a wide range of products. By adding a comparison feature also helps the customers choose the right product according to their needs.

Connect Brand Language and Store Design

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The essential advantage of online shopping is that it is more convenient to order a choice of product from anywhere. Therefore, eCommerce websites need to make sure to integrate and maintain the basic details such as mobile friendliness, smooth checkout process, and site speed at optimal levels. Moreover, businesses also need to build a connection between the brand language and store design. This will help improve the eCommerce website engagement for all visitors and deliver optimal shopping experience. It also helps identify potential leads who’ve spent time on the website and added products to the cart by didn’t make the purchase. These leads can be sent reminders to complete the conversion later on.


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