Top Mobile Marketing Trends For Small Businesses – Part 1

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More recently, mobile marketing has disrupted the digital marketing space with its innovative practices. More importantly, it has made the marketers think about their existing practices and upgrade them to suit the marketing needs of the future. Ever since the functionality of mobile shopping has forayed into the existing online shopping scenario, more and more e-commerce businesses are shifting focus on developing formidable strategies to stand apart from the competition. Likewise, marketers are also keen on leveraging some of the latest mobile marketing trends to attract and convert mobile phone users. To give you an insight into the changing digital marketing space, here are some of the latest trends in mobile marketing that are making news all over.

Live Streaming Video Content

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Video content is fast becoming one of the most engaging content formats that we have here. With the advent of Live streaming on social media platforms, it’s becoming even more engaging. Add to the equation, the growing number of mobile device users who create, view, and share video content on-the-go. While incorporating blogs, pictures, and other formats, are still some of the most popular content strategies, recent usage trends show that videos produce at least 12 times more shares than all other content formats put together. Furthermore, live streaming videos also help elevate user engagement to the next level because they happen at that very moment, rather than being pre-produced. That said, mobile phone users have a tendency to view live content even longer than static videos, out of the inherent fear of missing out.

Speed And Performance of Mobile Pages

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Google’s new indexing strategy focuses on putting mobile pages in the spotlight. This, in turn, puts more impetus on optimizing speed and performance of the mobile versions of web pages. Overall, mobile users expect a quick and seamless performance of these mobile pages. Regarding speed, mobile users expect the pages to load in less than three seconds. According to studies, as much as 90 percent of users tend to abandon the page entirely if it has a loading time of more than five seconds. As a marketer, therefore, you must understand that mobile pages are supposed to get more user traffic than the primary version of your website. Subsequently, you would want to engage users, and not turn them away with slow loading speeds. To confirm how fast your mobile pages load and how to increase the loading speed, you can take help from Google’s free PageSpeed Insights tool.

Google TrendMobile Marketing Trends For Businesses

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In 2016, Google announced its decision to shift the focus of the search engine results towards a mobile-first approach. This announcement came as a welcome surprise for marketers, who were trying to figure out strategies to target the increasing number of mobile phone users. Nowadays, a majority of the users prefer mobile phones over desktops for searching online content. Therefore, Google decided to modify its search engine to focus more on mobile than desktops, in the best interest of its user experience. As a marketer, therefore, you can leverage Google TrendMobile Marketing Trends to improve your mobile marketing strategies.


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