Quality Ads for Quality Content

As Publishers, you will be able to tap into portable users and monetize your content with the help of AdMobile. Boost your revenue with flexible ads that can move and resize themselves without disrupting the flow of your content. AdMobile can provide your website with advertisements that are both aesthetically and contextually appropriate.

Have Full Control

With AdMobile, you will never have to compromise your website's design. The placement, size, color, and transparency of the ads that appear on your site are solely up to you.

Take advantage of our ads' fully customizable features and provide users with an optimized portable web browsing experience. You decide whether the ads stay fixed at one place, or follow your readers as they scroll the page. If you wish to be discreet, you can also choose for the ads to disappear without interaction.

Engage Visitors with Interactive Ads

AdMobile advertisements have forward and backward buttons that let users browse sponsored products or services. Our ads also have built in search boxes, in case they need to perform secondary searches. And since these browse and search functions can all be performed within the ad, users will not have to leave your website.

Ads Tailor-Fitted to Your Content

AdMobile understands that it is not enough for advertisements to fit a website's layout; it is equally important for the ads to be relevant to the published content. This is why we developed a sophisticated algorithm that assesses a website's content and overall theme, together with keywords, to ensure that only relevant and useful advertisements are displayed.

Increase Revenue by Going Portable

Get a piece of portable advertising and reach out to your readers even when they are away from their computers. As Publishers, you are entitled to a 60/40 revenue share that is generated whenever a unique portable user responds to an ad on your website.